Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand that we have a clear obligation and responsibility to serve the wider community’s needs. By doing so we fulfil the shared values of our organization and offer our employees a sense of involvement and engagement with the community.


Most of our operations are located close to communities. We work with them to understand their priorities and concerns. Managing our impact on people is essential to being a responsible company.

We partner with local NGOs or development bodies to support the surrounding communities in areas of social, welfare, education and sports development.


We are committed to providing a workplace that cares about employees’ safety and promotes their health and well-being. Our workplace programs remain a key strength, and we want to be acknowledged as an employer of choice.

We offer a respectful working environment and we see our employees as individuals who deserve opportunities to develop. Helping people work effectively with one another is a priority, and we achieve this through multicultural project teams.


The safety and health of our employees, clients, and all individuals involved in our business activities are of paramount importance to us. Safety underpins all our operations hence our central motto “Safety First”. We are committed to maintaining high standards of safety and health to our customers.


Upholding the values of honesty, partnership, and fairness with our clients and stakeholders are central to our growth plans. We ensure that our business undertakings, conditions and the basis of our relationships with stakeholders’ guard against unfair business practices.


We strive to adopt the best practices for the greater benefit of the industry. At viable opportunities and avenues, we initiate and mobilize proactive actions to lend our knowledge, expertise, and assistance to the industry.


We recognize that our business activities have a direct and indirect impact on the community and environment in which we operate. It is our policy to manage this impact responsibly. Our effort aims at reducing impact upon the environment arising from our business activities. We comply with and we go beyond applicable minimum legal and other environmental requirements.

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