The growth of The Weststar Group over the years has been remarkable. Looking back, The Weststar Group humbly started with early endeavors in the automotive industry. Having grown the group from strength to strength, The Weststar Group focuses on providing the most efficient and innovative services to complement our outstanding products. Today, all ten of The Weststar Group’s subsidiaries aspire to become regional and global key players in each respective industry.

Hand in hand, to understand our clients’ growing needs, we seek new innovative ways to improve our products and services. In today’s competitive challenging economic climate, this understanding is crucial. Our stellar growth over the years has been the outcome of this understanding allowing us to grow our profitability and maintain a healthy check and balance year on year that has been the backbone of our growth.

I must point out, this positive outcome, however, could not have been achieved had we not put our clients and customers, at the top of our priority.

This is a commitment that we will continue to honor without compromise. This is the quality that our clients and customers prize most and I promise to maintain our high standards of services. On another note, our people have been central to driving the Group’s growth. Therefore, I would like to commend all staff members, teams, partners and associates who have contributed to our growth over the course of the years.

Charting a new direction, an exciting phase is ahead for The Weststar Group. Two great things are taking shape as we look to fulfill our global aspirations. The best innovative products and well thought out market-leading services to ensure that our clients and customers gain the most. An infusion of investment and industry-leading practices will ensure this. Our visibility has been the outcome of our sharp anticipation of our customers’ ever-changing needs and I have great conviction that this will see The Weststar Group surge ahead scaling new heights.

Tan Sri Dr. Syed Azman Syed Ibrahim
Group Managing Director

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